Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

In addition to our regular monthly professional development meetings, ATDBR also offers members the opportunity to experience small groups focused on special interests.  These groups meet outside of our regular meeting hours and are open to all members and non-members interested in learning more about ATDBR. As a SIG Member you have an informal, flexible venue to share knowledge and meet with peers who have an interest in similar topics outside of our monthly meeting. They are a great way to learn from one another’s experiences, share best practices, and keep up to date on the latest trends in your field of interest.  Attendance for any particular SIG usually ranges from 2 to 12 people. Formats vary depending on the focus of the SIG. Participation in the SIGs are an added benefit of your membership in ATDBR. Current members of ATDBR may join and attend as many SIGs as they like, at no additional charge. 

Interested in learning more about one or more SIGs?  Be sure to check out the SIG pages and plan on attending a SIG event.

ATDBR currently sponsors the following Special Interest Groups:

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide unique opportunities for professional development within ATDBR.  Members can participate in SIGs as a SIG leader or SIG member. 

As a SIG Leader you have an opportunity to share your passion while leading and engaging peers without the same time commitment as serving on the board of directors.     If you are interested in serving as a SIG leader for any of these groups, contact president-elect@br.astd.org.


Upcoming SIG Events

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